Opening the GATE

19 Apr

In a rapidly changing world, how can (Inter)National NGOs improve their value to society?  This space is your opportunity to comment on GATE as a comprehensive way of answering the question.  With others, I look forward to hearing your views on the GATE approach to such a change.

Alan Fowler


One Response to “Opening the GATE”

  1. Mark Ralph-Bowman April 24, 2012 at 6:59 pm #

    I have to say that an article promoting “an innovative way to accelerate progress” really needs to provide something practical or tangible not simply string together a selection of issues facing (I)NGOs. One reads that “GATE does” this, “GATE does” that and “applying GATE” does the other. But it turns out that GATE actually does nothing. It is merely an acronym made up of a series of nouns that have been the stuff of (I)NGOs [and many another organisation] since records began. When one goes back to the beginning of the article to see where it is coming from, one reads that improving effectiveness involves “making improvements in” GATE. So, to summarise the article, GATE is an acronym that will improve the effectiveness of (I)NGOs if (I)NGOs “make improvements in” GATE!

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